Bonnie Humpherys, MBA,MPA (TheCurlyBee) Chief Of Staff to the CEO Office, House of Athlete

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Drawing from the precious wisdom of her Caribbean cultural roots, and the valuable lessons of achieving success in present day America, Bonnie is poised between the ancient and modern – offering a beautifully unique perspective, privilege to a rare few.

 Gifted with natural charisma and presence, Bonnie gracefully communicates her universal message of empowerment to audiences all over the world. Speaking and living straight from the heart on key themes such as leadership, mental health, social change, overcoming obstacles, and the importance of quality Wellness at the center of all; she holds the capacity to inspire, encourage, reassure and energize all who share spaces with her.

Bonnie’s inspiring life story is a prerequisite to understanding her professional journey in Wellness, Organizational Management, leadership, and empowerment; she truly believes that her career and path was chosen for her. Losing her parents as a young girl has shaped Bonnie’s career and divine purpose to leave absolutely everything better than she found it. Left to her own devices at 18, Bonnie has navigated the complex healthcare system, hospice living, and served as the primary guardian for her siblings after her parents passed. 

Bonnie could not have imagined that her steadfast determination, hard work, and belief in her dreams would eventually earn her multiple degrees, and a digital platform where she can share her lifestyle, essence, and stories with the world. Today, she tells her tale proudly with her big smile and bouncy curls! Bonnie believes absolutely everything has the ability to be figured out; complex problems with very low confidence of being solved is where she thrives! Bonnie is whip smart, agile, nimble, calm, and capable of rising to absolutely any occasion. Most importantly, she is Humble, leads with kindness and has a great playlist for any occasion! 

She has successfully worked in corporate, non-profits, and community service organizations. Her phenomenal life experiences combined with her powerful work-ethic has received overwhelming accolades from her clients, colleagues, and friends, time and time again. Needless to say, Bonnie has a well-rounded knowledge of Business Management, Leadership, Project Management, and is passionate about tackling global issues. Dedicated to empowering people in their pursuit of natural wellness, Bonnie empowers women to own their narrative and walk in their divine purpose.

Chief Of Staff to the CEO Office
House of Athlete
October 2021 - Present (1 year 11 months)

Chief of Staff to the CEO
Crisis Text Line
November 2019 - November 2021 (2 years)

Management Consultant
May 2018 - November 2021 (3 years 6 months)