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When we connect the right people under the right conditions, there's no limit to what they can accomplish.

David olk

David Olk

CEO & Co-Founder, Voray

Meaningful relationships

The professional network of the future

We know that networking is not working; it's devolved to the point where it feels superficial and contrived, and doesn't reflect the reality of how actual relationships are formed.

Voray champions in-person experiences to spark meaningful professional connections. And we provide the online tools for cultivating those relationships, making them more powerful over time.

Voray is the professional network of the future bridging the gap between your digital and in-real-life worlds. We're shifting the way professionals think about building relationships and, through that, the way they live their lives.

Meaningful relationships@2x

Our values

Moving forward together

We share a belief that real-world, in-person experiences yield the most meaningful, durable, and mutually beneficial relationships.

And we know that authentic human connection propels business and professional growth forward. Our values create the right conditions to free the right people to do what they have always done: connect, create, and move society forward together.

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Who we are

Meet our team

Voray was built by successful serial entrepreneurs and executives. They are the original connectors behind our growing community of high-achieving professionals who understand what was missing from the world of networking and have created the solution.

Brianna elefant
Brianna Elefant


Carla lowe
Carla Lowe

Director of Event Success

Cassandra tang
Cassandra Tang

Director of Community

Dan witte
Dan Witte

Product Manager

David olk
David Olk

CEO & Co-Founder

Duncan grazier
Duncan Grazier

Chief Technology Officer

Eugene kuo
Eugene Kuo

Head of Design

Jeff fiala
Jeff Fiala

Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis

Jennifer bambara
Jennifer Bambara

Senior Account Executive & Sales Manager

Keith doran
Keith Doran

Co-Head of Success and VP of Voray Community

Lauren welles
Lauren Welles

Co-Head of Success & VP of Success Operations

Samantha turk
Samantha Turk

Human Resources Manager

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