How it works

We modeled the Voray experience on how genuine relationships are formed in the real world.

David Olk

CCO, Voray

The difference

Changing the way we network

The professional benefits of attending a Voray event are obvious—but the important difference is that the Voray experience feels different—less transactional, more natural, and more enjoyable.

We set the scene for what promises to be the most enjoyable, productive, and engaging dinner party you'll attend all year. The conversation is free-flowing, everyone has something interesting to contribute, and the energy in the room feels supercharged.

Upon arriving at the venue you'll be shown back to the private room where your fellow attendees await. Introduce yourself and mingle over drinks before sitting down to a fantastic dinner at a top-notch restaurant in your city. Come curious and conversational and you'll leave with exciting new connections.

Think you've seen it all? Don't be so sure! We invite you to attend a Voray event and find out why it's not only a great time, but also a great use of your valuable time.

Why attend

Designed for you

Your experience begins with the Voray event: an intimate dinner tailor-made to provide you with just the right conditions to create opportunity, share knowledge, and experience true professional camaraderie. Anchored by a host, supported by a relevant sponsor, and attended by a small group of thoughtfully-selected like-minded peers, every dinner promises to be worth your time, and genuinely fun.

The Voray event


A small group of accomplished, interesting colleagues and peers—the kind of people you want to meet and who, incidentally, want to connect with you too.


An influential and connected leader in your field who chooses a compelling relevant topic for a casual conversation over dinner and drinks.


Powered by a leading company with expertise in your field or industry—helping address relevant challenges you face as a business leader.

The relationships you've built don't end when the event does—they continue on Voray's powerful digital platform where you'll have the opportunity to connect with sponsors, hosts, and guests to continue the conversation and propel your ideas forward.

The Voray digital platform


Getting down to business

Magic happens when we meet in person at a Voray event. We connect. We have a great time. We propel ideas forward. We create new opportunities. But only if we're all engaged and present.

Check out our participant guidelines to ensure you'll be making the most of the opportunity we designed to fuel your success.

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