How it works

A person you truly care about invites you to small dinner. It's at their home or in a private room at a fancy restaurant. There's 12 other people attending you are excited to meet because they are all part of your professional peer group. You do not have to pay.

Do you go?

The person paying is pretty interesting and relevant to your business seeking nothing but return on relationship.

How about now? That's Voray.


Friends +




Seamless planning
Social platform
Relevant community members

Highly curated gathering of
professional peer group

Professional social network
of people you have actually
met and care about

We organize smart gatherings of likeminded people. There's no schtick. All we do is ask each person attending to rsvp with "what can you be helpful with" and "what do you need".

We don't give out rules of secrecy or blindfold people while making them cook for each other wearing shoes three sizes too big. You don't have to go through a vetting process at the Soho house. We don't talk about wine for an hour or push a formal dinner conversation dominated by four people. It's also not a dinner club for the coolest most influential people who all think very highly of themselves.

After each dinner, everyone continues the conversation on the same platform they used to RSVP and learn about who else is coming.

We are building a new authentic professional social graph—one highly curated, authentic and consistent gathering at a time.

Host your Voray

We organize small gatherings of very curated groups at intimate Venues. Our gatherings are always powered by partners who are extremely relevant to the attendees. Their goals are the same—to build authentic relationships and grow professionally while powering and funding this important network. If you would like to host a Voray, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Why attend a Voray?

Wow, you've been invited, cool! You should attend a Voray if you've been invited to one. It will be one of the single best networking events of your year. You will meet great people who will become your advocates. You will go on to create value with these people.

Why Power a Voray?

You should power a Voray if the business development for your product or service is based on building strong relationships. These events will not be about you - which is what makes them successful. Each Voray will also be curated for your goals and normally provides a years worth of business development in one evening. A Voray currently generates a 57x average return.

Why Host a Voray?

Unfortunately, we currently only allow certain community members to host Vorays. It's not because we want to be exclusive, but merely because we are in community building mode - so we only trust the experience to a select few. Here's who is hosting Vorays. If you'd think you should be a Voray host, please fill out this form and we'd be delighted to discuss our community with you.