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There are no other events I attend where I leave so invigorated and engaged.

—Luke Schoenfelder, Founder and CEO, Latch

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Voray produces highly-curated intimate events for groups of complementary professionals. If you’ve received an invitation, it’s because you’re a perfect fit for our event, and because we think it will be a great use of your time. There is no charge for you; your insights are far more valuable. Need more convincing?


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Guests leave a Voray having made highly-relevant, valuable connections. At a Voray, the quality of your network increases, not just the quantity.



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Through Voray’s powerful network, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with partners, hosts, and guests, exponentially expanding your network.

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Luke schoenfelder Voray is awesome. The groups of people you are pulling together are really amazing. There are no other events I attend where I leave so invigorated and engaged. Kudos to you and the entire team for putting these great experiences together for all of us!

—Luke Schoenfelder, Founder & CEO, Latch

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