A new look at building professional communities

We get it, connecting busy professionals to each other is often a challenge - Voray provides a simple solution to help your members further connect and form long-lasting professional relationships.

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Highlighted Communities


Your members can access a unique feed, with the ability to share insights and ideas, ask or answer questions, and engage in conversations.


Member profiles are customizable and unique to each user, allowing your members to see who they’ve met and where they met them.


Whether you choose to advertise your community on Voray’s site, or restrict its visibility from the general public, privacy will never be a concern for your members.

Membership Fees

If you choose to charge your members, Voray provides an easy tool to do so and track any new subscriptions, as well as allows you to provide discounts and promo codes to the audience of your choice.

Frequently asked questions

What is Voray?

Voray is a networking and events company whose goal is to connect industry leaders to each other and provide a private space for them to form long-lasting and meaningful professional relationships.

Which communities are available to join?

You can view our current communities here. If none of them is relevant to you, please feel free to fill out the application here and indicate your interest, or reach out to us directly at concierge@voray.com.

How do I create my own community?

Once you log in, you can use the “Create my community” tool and follow a few easy steps to create your own community. You will be notified once it is approved.

Who are your members?

Voray members are industry leaders from a wide range of companies. You can view who’s a member here.

How do I become a member?

Please apply using the link below.

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I serve the Chief of Staff function at my company, but we don’t use the Chief of Staff title, can I still join the Chief of Staff Collective?

If you serve the chief of staff function at your company but don’t use the chief of staff title, you may join Voray’s Chief of Staff Collective on a case by case basis. If you fit into this category, reach out to concierge@voray.com.

What is your privacy policy?

You can review Voray’s privacy policy here.

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