Gotham Gal: A fireside chat with Joanne Wilson


Joanne Wilson


Thursday, April 23, 2020 // 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Digital Event, Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Join us for a conversation with "Gotham Gal" Joanne Wilson followed by a good amount of interactive audience Q&A.  With the pandemic taking over every thing in our lives, Joanne will provide her insights on Shysters, the future of (angel) investing, trends she is seeing at her companies, and how to get through this time no matter what role you are in professionally or personally.

Joanne Wilson has had many careers. She started out in retail, eventually moving to the wholesale arena. She then transitioned to the media side of the technology world, before once again reinventing herself as an investor.

She is currently an active angel investor with a portfolio of over 130 companies

such as Just Works, Stock Twits, Mexicue, Food52, Sweeten, Vengo, Flip, Clutter, and Parachute Home. She has been involved in numerous real estate transactions from beginning to end and continues to make investments in that world. She is also an investor in a few restaurants in the New York area.

In addition to these endeavors, Joanne has been involved in various education projects and has served as chairperson at Hot Bread Kitchen, a non-profit committed to increasing access to the culinary industry for woman and minorityentrepreneurs. She currently sits on the board of The Highline and is the co-chair of Path Forward.

Joanne has maintained her very popular blog, for over 13 years and has released over 125 episodes of her podcast, "Positively Gotham Gal". She loves to bake, cook, throw a good party, travel, read, collect art, do the crossword and stay on top of what's happening around the globe and in NYC.

Her most successful venture is being married to her best friend, Fred and raising their three kids- Jessica, Emily and Josh.

So join us for a fun convo and we hope everyone is faring okay.


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