Jason Ostheimer
Alex Berkett

  Tuesday, June 27, 2017 // 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

  New York, NY

Join Alex Berkett and Jason Ostheimer for a small dinner with some friends and colleagues leading media businesses.  In addition to some great food and drink, we will have a brief discussion about how start-ups can help drive innovation for Big Media and how Big Media can help drive distribution for young innovative companies.

Most of all it will be a great evening to foster new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

-Alex and Jason

Confirmed attendees
Jorge Espinel
Patrick O'Connell
Priya Dogra
Dave Bauer
Aniq Rahman
Rachel Tipograph
Jon Steinberg
Bryant O'Neal
Mark Gerson
Drew Silverstein
Chris Altcheck
Steven Cutler
David Birnbaum
Julie Yoo
Neal Shenoy
Joseph  Meyer
Matt Lieber
Kamran Ansari
Iliya Rybchin
Deanna Brown
Zuma 261 Madison Avenue, NY, NY, 10016